Workday Peakon Employee Voice has recently integrated with Workday. This means your previous support model has changed. In addition, to support our ongoing commitment to customer success, you now have access to self-service capabilities, including the ability to Reset and Resend your own surveys.

Here’s how:

If the employee has completed their survey before the Reset feature was introduced on Nov 15th, the employee can’t reset their survey If the employee completes their survey after the Reset feature was introduced on Nov 15th, the employee can reset their survey

If a Peakon Administrator resends the survey to an employee, it will generate a new link, and from this new link, the employee can then reset their survey and complete it again. This will allow employees who completed their survey before the Reset feature was launched on Nov 15th, to reset their survey.

To Reset surveys: (All users)

  • Click on the reset link at the bottom of the survey email, or, if attempting to take the survey again, look for the reset link on the ‘You’ve already answered these questions’ page.
  • Once you click on the reset link, confirm you want to delete your responses in the pop-up window. You’ll be redirected to the survey start screen.

To Resend surveys: (Peakon Admin only)

  • If the round is still open or soft-closed, click on the ‘Resend survey’ button on the Rounds tab of the Employee profile.
  • You will see a pop-up window explaining what will happen and asking for confirmation to resend. Click resend.

If you need additional assistance:

  • Please contact the Main Admin for Workday Peakon Employee Voice, if known, or reach out to your internal Peakon team for assistance (your internal Peakon Team may be your Human Resources department).
  • If you are the Main Admin, you can submit a case via the Workday Customer Center. To access the Workday Customer Center, you will need to first login to the Workday Resource Center.

For more information on these changes and more, click here.